2022 NBF Junior Competition - season starts 7th May


WPX Pre-Academy Groups will be held at Neale Park Junior/Intermediate/Training pitches commencing:

2nd May 4.30pm - 5.30pm for Term 2

25th July 4.30pm - 5.30pm for Term 3

The Wellington Phoenix Pre-Academy Centre will focus on individual player focus such as technical ability, awareness, scanning, creativity etc.

This will cost $70 per term (FC Nelson members only) or $90 per term (Non-FC members only)


FC Nelson School of Football - NSF - by invite only

Will be held at Neale Park Intermediate/training pitches on a Tuesday commencing:

3rd May 4pm - 5.30pm for Term 2

26th July 4pm - 5.30pm for Term 3

Players that demonstrate a high level of ability will be given opportunities within the School of Football, which focuses on applying the individual elements in a team environment, and preparing players for club representation at Tournaments including the Christchurch International Cup, as well as others.

This will be available at no additional cost, provided the player is registered for the WPX Pre-Academy Centre.

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