Health and Safety Vision

The Health and Safety Vision of Mainland Football contains the following priorities:

  • To ensure that all those involved in the sport of football within the Mainland Football Region have a safe and healthy environment in which to compete in.
  • To promote health, safety and wellbeing to players, coaches, match officials, administrators, volunteers and spectators.
  • To take all reasonable and practicable safeguards to ensure the safety within and on all our facilities used within the sport of football.
  • To be the leader of health and safety in the sport of football within the football federations of New Zealand Football.

Mainland Football Health and Safety Manual | Click Here

New Zealand Football Concussion Document | Click Here  UPDATED NOV 2019

ACC SportSmart Concussion Document | Click Here  UPDATED NOV 2019

Working With Children

​​​​​​​FC Nelson's position statement regarding working with children...

FC Nelson is committed to the safety and well being of all children and will act to ensure that a safe environment is maintained for all children within its responsibility.

Mainland Football, its Regional Associations and Clubs will:

  • to the best of their ability ensure that all Members are aware and adhere to the Guidelines for Working with Children as set out in Schedule 1 (see documents below);
  • regularly review and implement the safeguarding practices relating to children in order to minimise and/or prevent the risk of harm to them.
  • ensure that all Members who work with Children understand their responsibilities under this Policy and the guidelines and requirements referred herein.

For more information, please take a look at the documents below.

Working with Children – A3 Poster | Click here

Child Protection Policy | Click here

Anti-Harrassment POLICY

FC Nelson is committed to a robust Anti-Harrassment policy to ensure a safe, encouraging, neutral environment

Anti-Harrassment Policy - Click here

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