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The 2024 season will be upon us before we know it!

FC Nelson is 100% committed that no player/member will be left out.  FC Nelson has a growing member base.

We have Coaches who have dedicated their spare time to the club at Junior, Youth and Senior level, and we certainly couldn't be without you guys.  Coaches can communicate through our bespoke portal enabling the Coach and Manager to be even more efficient and transparent, all members will have log In pass codes.

We also have the Wellington Phoenix mentoring the entire F C Nelson Coaching team - we all benefit from this partnership.

If you are interested in coaching at the club, register using the link below

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Sheehan Financial FC Nelson Mens 1st XI


We are all looking forward to the season. It’s good to have some experience come back with TJ, Jamane, and Cunny. With new comers Toto and Corey Vickers. 

With the rest of the team primarily youth from Nelson College it’s a good mixture. 

Get Cars FC Nelson Diamonds - Women's 1st XI 



FC Nelson Wahine - Women's 2nd XI


FC Nelson Reserves/U17


FC Nelson 3rd XI


I’ve been involved with FC Nelson since 2017 season. Initially I started playing for the 4ths Team and then in a player/coach capacity. I also helped coach a junior side and been involved with the Nelson Boys College sides. Currently I am very much looking forward to coaching and playing in FC Nelson 3rds. I am also part of the way through my C License coaching course. I have two teenage sons who are also playing for FC Nelson, so very much part of the FC Nelson family!

FC Nelson Locomotive


I started playing for FC Nelson in 2012 when I joined the Locomotive team in our inaugural year and I have played for Loco every season since.  I now manage the team, with help from Andy Weaver and also help run the greater Loco/Loco Steamers squad alongside other senior players Robbie Hansen, Mikey Musso, Andy Weaver and Kerry Eggers.  Like every season, I look forward to representing FC Nelson and playing football alongside my mates in 2023.

FC Nelson Locomotive Steamers


FC Nelson Karenni


I am Khuri. I joined FC Nelson in 2021, playing for FC Nelson Karenni and also am the team's manager. I am proud to be part of FC NELSON and it's Committee.

Football is my favorite sport and I have been playing football as my hobby since I was a young age. I love to see my Karenni team being part of the NZ footballing community as we are football lovers.

I hope one day Karenni boys have the opportunity to play for professional clubs.

FC Nelson Chin United


My name is Siang and I’m currently coaching FC Nelson Chin United. I am very thankful to FC for accepting us in to their club - one of the biggest clubs in Nelson,  This season is a big challenge for us to get first place but the boys are ready so that we will get to play next year in Division 1.

FC Nelson NMIT


I've lived in Nelson for almost 20 years and have either been playing or coaching football for most of that time.

Football has been a huge part of my life growing up in England & Ireland and I'm a lifetime fan of one of the best teams in Europe (Coventry City).  Before moving to NZ, I completed a FA Preliminary Coaching Badge and have very recently undertaken the OFC C License.  I've coached at Junior, Youth, and Senior Men's football -  for the past 5 years I've coached the NMIT senior Men's team


I am excited and honoured to have been elected as a committee member for FC Nelson. As a passionate and dedicated football enthusiast, I am eager to join the team and play a role in supporting the development and growth of our club.

My love for Nelson football began when I was recruited by Paul Kernot and taken under the wing of Thorkild Hansen to play for Metro. Since the formation of FC Nelson, resulting from the merger of Nelson City, Nelson United, and Metro, I have been a proud and dedicated member of the club. Thanks to FC Nelson, I had the opportunity to join a team called Locomotive, formed by some close friends, which have been playing for the club ever since. I also helped establish FC Nelson's NMIT team, which aimed to bring domestic and international students and the wider international community into the fold.

As a father of four children, all of whom have played for FC Nelson throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to coach and manage teams across different age groups, ranging from under 9's to senior football.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the club's success as a committee member and am committed to fostering a strong and inclusive football community at FC Nelson.

FC Nelson Masters


Hi! I’m Gordy, Manager and coach of FC Nelson Masters.

 A proud Yeovil Town fan, who has been playing for FC Nelson since its inception.  I have played for the master for the last 4 or 5 years now (can’t remember to old) we have an amazing team Sprit and are as competitive as hell, but after the whistle blows, we are the friendliest bunch you will ever meet?  Can’t wait for the season to start!



U17 Development - Tj Hansen

U17 Spartans - Danny Hampton

U15 - Cory Vickers

U14 - Kris Main

U14 Storm - George Thompson

U13 - Danny Anderson

U13 Rebels - Chris Hart

Design Windows 12th Grade Bandits - Eli Briasco / Jon Buckle

Design Windows 11th Grade Falcons - Julian Trigg / Tom Jolly

Design Windows 11th Grade Racoons - Nigel Houareau

Design Windows 11th Grade Koalas - Steve Gill

Design Windows 10th Grade Aces - Niall Hughes

Design Windows 10th Grade Lightning - Greg Chitty / Adrian Low

Design Windows 10th Grade Sparks - Mikey Musso / Mark Sheehan

Design Windows 9th Grade Eagles - Patrick Connor

Design Windows 9th Grade Hurricanes - Toni Lombardi

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