First Kicks (4 - 6)

The first kicks season kicks off Saturday, May 7th @Neale Park, starting at 9 am. 

 Welcome, all to the 2022 season. We are excited to get our youngest members started in their football journey through FC Nelson.
'First kicks' are part of New Zealand's Football's junior framework. The players learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment, taking part in weekly sessions that provide wide-ranging benefits.

  • Social & Emotional – lots of interaction, enjoyment
  • Technical & Tactical – lots of touches, 1v1s, attacking & defending
  • Physical – develop Functional Movement Patterns, more active
  • Mental – lots of opportunities for success and for decision making

Each Saturday is divided into 4 components:

  • General movement
  • Football coordination
  • Football Technique
  • Small sided football games

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