First Kicks (4 - 6)

The FC Nelson First Kicks Winter season kicks off Saturday 4th May @Neale Park, starting at 9 am. 

 Welcome, all to the 2024 season. We are excited to get our youngest members started in their football journey through FC Nelson.
'First kicks' are part of New Zealand's Football's junior framework. 

First Kicks

Please provide your child with:

  • Shinpads
  • Boots (or appropriate closed shoes)
  • Water bottle & a small snack if needed.
  • Clothing can be what they are comfortable in.


Kick off is 9am please be ready to go. We finish at 10am with a small 5min break halfway through for water, food or clothing adjustment. 

First kicks is about introduction to football, Warm up game first and then I will provide very easy drills, skills and a football game at the end of the session.  Parents are welcome to be on the pitch with their child helping, but try to step back when you can, provide encouragement from the sideline.  


We finish up 24th August, and have the school holidays off.  Cancellations will be on our facebook page early if ever the weather turns. 

First kicks - It's all about fun and guided first steps into the beautiful world of football. We usually start with a combined warm up for everyone. Then we will run a few different drills mainly around controlling and dribbling the ball and of course scoring, cause that's what everyone loves. We aim to provide as many touches on the ball as possible for everyone. The second part of the session will be small sided games.

  • Social & Emotional – lots of interaction, enjoyment
  • Technical & Tactical – lots of touches, 1v1s, attacking & defending
  • Physical – develop Functional Movement Patterns, more active
  • Mental – lots of opportunities for success and for decision making

Each Saturday is divided into 4 components:

  • General movement
  • Football coordination
  • Football Technique
  • Small sided football games


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