FC Hardship Fund

Money should never be a barrier to playing the beautiful game and at FC Nelson we strongly believe that anyone who wants to play football should be able to, regardless of their financial situation. To this end, we have created a Hardship Fund to help members or families who need assistance. 

Our Hardship policy has helped numerous club members travel to tournaments enabling them to participate, something which may not have been possible for them without funding.  We are very passionate about equal opportunities, no matter what the circumstances everybody should have the same chance to take part.  

We would love your support in giving our members a fair opportunity enabling them to simply play football - the game they love.

We are now seeking donors willing to contribute to our Hardship fund. It can be a one-off amount, or a regular contribution from as little as $20 a month. If you would like to support our Harship Fund and keep as many people playing football as possible, please contact info@fcnelson.co.nz

Football For Ever!


Please donate into our FC Nelson hardship fund account:

03 1354 0260701 03

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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