We are launching 'Feel Good Football'

13 May

We are pleased to announce Feel Good Football, a weekly game of indoor football for all ages and abilities where the only goal that matters is having fun and feeling good.

An opportunity to make friends and keep fit in a welcoming environment and just chill and chat.

Exercise improves our physical health but it's also amazing for our mental and emotional health. Even small amounts can reap huge rewards in boosting our mood, helping our sleep and increasing our energy. It helps us reduce stress and anxiety, increases self esteem and reduces the risk of depression. Sport takes these benefits further by offering people an opportunity to reduce social isolation and access additional support; making friends and having a good time.

So let's kickstart our endorphins and beat the winter blues - come join us building connections and fitness in a fun and welcoming environment at Feel Good Football.

With thanks to Card Merchant Nelson it's a free opportunity to get of the couch.

We are thrilled to be endorsed by Hope is my Homeboy.

We will have a few rules to make things equal.

Games are 5 minutes each or first to 3 goals.

5 aside teams.

So loads of games and loads of involvement!

We will help make up teams so just come along.

Sign up to... FC Nelson