Our Club Rooms

For an aspirational club like ours, it is KEY to have clubrooms available to create and grow our fantastic club culture. 

Over the past years, we've tried different ways to grow our club culture without having access to a hub for everyone to connect. Through apparel, social media, our newsletter and more, we've tried hard to do our part to make everyone feel part of the FC Nelson Football Family. We are proud of what we've achieved to date but over the past year, we've realized that it's basically impossible to reach our aspirational goals without having access to proper club rooms.

Therefore the club decided to take action in 2021; to realize our dream of finally having our own clubrooms.The club continues this work in 2022 as attempts to locate further donors and finalise details take effect. Achieving this goal within the next year or so will take a team effort and we are excited to work with our community of members and supporters to make this dream a reality. If you would like to assist in this project, provide financial support or fundraise get in touch with Phil at president@fcnelson.co.nz.

Now is the time to unite behind this fantastic project and GET IT DONE!


A couple of months later, where are we at?

Things have been happening behind the scenes for the past weeks, as we are trying to secure further funding and gather support and supporters. 

The council has given us a great support letter acknowledging their trust and faith in FC Nelson and our clubrooms project. A lot of energy now goes into getting the logistics and legalities right to place this massive project on a proper foundation, literally. 

We hope that soon it's not just behind the scene work but actual changes that everyone can witness down @ Guppy Park. 

Keep spreading the word and supporting the work of the club. It's a team effort!!

UPDATE 31 MAY 2021

- Money in the bank -

After submitting to the Nelson council long-term plan earlier this month, we received the fantastic news, that the council committed $140k (that is HUNDRED FOURTY THOUSAND) into our Clubroom project. 


We are so very excited to have taken the next step on the path to our own club hub. 

We've already met with Scott's construction again to discuss the next steps, which are well underway.

It's happening people...

Slowly but surely!

We need your support. Help us by giving your time, expertise, service, a helping hand, your advice, or just by spreading the word.

We need everyone on board.

Get in touch with any ideas, thoughts, or help you want to share or offer.

Let's do it!!! 


Have a look at two key club room project documents

Club Hub Presentation

Council Submission



We made it into the council's long-term plan, with a submission we sent in a couple of weeks ago. 

Now it is up to Club president Phil and VP Craig to make a strong case for our project at the council meeting later this week.

It's happening.


Earlier this week the FC Nelson "Club Room' brain trust got together and discussed their next steps on the way to securing the much-needed building consent (council) as well as securing the financial backing to turn this project from a club dream into a club reality.

It was a very productive meeting and some ideas are being developed over the next couple of weeks before they will be shared with the wider football community and beyond.

Stay tuned...


The past three weeks were full of meetings with the key players in this projects - inluding our architect, our builder, the council staff, duty buiding officer, duty planner and so on.

Step by step we are ticking off items of the long list of things that need doing. It's a process... and we are working through it, full steam. 

Our next step now is to start generating the necessary funds! Through funding, sponsorship, support, business partners, club room friends etc... 

Watch this space! 

UPDATE 19 FEB 2021

We took our freshly "finalized" concept drawings into the council yesterday and had our first official meeting with 2 council members, who were eagerly listening to what we had to say. It's another step in the right direction on the journey to our clubrooms. We are now waiting for feedback from Scotts construction (building cost estimate) and the council staff, who are going to help us get the ticks we need in order to get this project into the long-term plan and hopefully across the line. 

On another note - Now is the time for everyone to help out and chip in while we plan and organize the next steps.

Who is eager to get involved, help, donate, sponsor? 

We need all the support and help (mentally and physically) we can get.

Get in touch with us via tj.hansen@fcnelson.co.nz if you want to help!

See the list of friends at the bottom of the page... Thanks for your support

UPDATE 15 FEB 2021

The next step has been done. The concept drawings have been finalized and below you can see how our FC Nelson Club rooms could look like if all goes according to plan.

UPDATE 5 FEB 2021. 

The newest concept drawing uploaded below. Our architect is working on a detailed version. Estimates will be provided by Scott's construction when the detailed concept plan is finalized (Mid Feb). We've had our first meeting with a counselor to determine our next steps. We are currently working out a strategic plan in order to get the needed ticks from the council for this project. 

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