Men's First Team

The FC Nelson First Team has played in the Local Nelson First Division since the club's inception in 2011. Over that ten-year period the team has maintained a high level of excellence, winning the league four times and finishing in the top three every year, bar one.

In 2019 the team began building towards a side capable of competing at a higher level, with the club pushing for Southern League qualification and obtained a play-off against Christchurch United. While the team was unable to obtain the end goal in that instance, it continues to strive towards the standards of excellence required and to create better opportunities for its players to represent the club at the highest level possible.

The first team is built on the strong support of the Nelson community, including local businesses such as Sheehan Financial and has a primary concentration on nurturing and developing Nelson's local footballing talent. The club was proud to have 75% of the first team, in 2021, raised within the region, including refugees hailing from the Myanmar and Colombian communities.

The team is currently lead by Head Coach Dave Turner, alongside his team, including assistant coach Kris Main, and Reserves coach Terence Breytenbach, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Martin Delgado. The focus of the First Team is on individual player development and creating a community environment based around recording results which bring pride to the roots of the club, that being family, friends and a positive, development based environment.

If you are interested in joining and playing for the FC Nelson Men's First Team then please contact, Dave Turner via

                                                                          MEN'S FIRST TEAM SQUAD 2022

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